Culture & Diversity

Diversity is required to maintain a thriving and dynamic industry, and inclusive cultures are required to achieve this.

Culture and Diversity is a widely discussed topic in the alternative investment industry. There is increased focus from allocators and increasingly from regulators. Our focus is on providing practical guidance for the alternative investment industry and continuing to facilitate conversations and the exchange of ideas.

Our initiative is led by a Global Culture & Diversity Advisory Committee of senior industry leaders chaired by Jane Buchan, Martlet Asset Management alongside Co-Deputy Chairs Luke Ellis, Man Group and Susan Lee, Albourne Partners supported by a collaborative working group of both asset managers and allocators. Please click here to learn more about this Committee.

Culture and Diversity Publications


Podcast Episode 3: A Conversation on Diversity from a Board and Allocator Perspective

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Beyond the Metrics: Demonstrating and Assessing Diversity in Smaller Asset Managers


Podcast Episode 1: A Conversation on Culture