Our communities provide opportunities to network with peers combined with educational content.

Each community is global and can be an important supplement to existing local networks and an extension of internal teams when exploring new ideas or processes.

Why Join a SBAI Community?

Each community is an interactive forum for open discussion with dedicated peer groups. Ask questions, seek solutions, share with, and learn from a global network of peers.

Each community will have:

  • Virtual Meetings held at least quarterly for discussion of topical issues, with occasional opportunities to hear educational content from expert external speakers
  • In Person Meetings held in alignment with our flagship events
  • Dedicated Community Webpage with meeting details, a documents library to share and download reports of interest, and a discussion forum to post questions, suggest discussion topics, or otherwise engage with fellow community members
  • Opportunity to Help Steer the Direction of Future SBAI Work by discussing issues or challenges where we may be able to help

Who can Join?

Each community has its own set of criteria to ensure they truly are a network of peers. Please click on the relevant community below to see who is eligible to join.

At this time all of our communities are limited to one representative per firm, though appropriate delegates may be sent on an occasional basis.