Improving Industry Outcomes

We are a global alliance of asset managers and institutional investors dedicated to improving the alternative investment industry.

We do this by setting Standards, providing industry guidance, and facilitating collaboration and exchange of ideas through our community of over 250 institutional investors and asset manager signatories responsible for approximately US$ 8tn in assets.

What We Do

  • Maintain and improve the Alternative Investment Standards and industry guidance
  • Create real world solutions to industry challenges and make investing in alternatives more efficient and transparent
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, involving investors, managers, authorities, professional organisations and trade bodies
  • Support the regulatory and supervisory community in improving conduct and financial stability

How Managers and Investors participate

Managers and investors can engage with the SBAI by:

  • Adopting the Alternative Investment Standards (signatories)
  • Promoting the Alternative Investment Standards (investors)
  • Participating in Working Groups discussing and producing guidance on key industry topics
  • Connecting with our community through SBAI events
  • Support our engagement with regulators to advocate for a robust alternative investment industry

The SBAI was established in 2008 as the Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB) creating the Alternative Investment Standards which we continue to be the custodian of. We are a non-profit organisation governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of senior leaders from asset managers and institutional investors.