Working Groups

Our Working Groups bring together institutional investors and asset managers to discuss key topics in the alternatives industry.

Being part of our Working Groups gives you a voice in developing practical guidance and standardisation for the industry. Share with and learn from allocators and asset managers as we solve for better by discussing the expectations, practicalities, and solutions to industry challenges.

All our Signatories and Investor Chapter members are eligible to join any of our Working Groups.

How do SBAI Working Groups Operate?

Through our Working Groups, SBAI stakeholders can have a voice and contribute to the development of practical guidance for the industry. They are platforms for open discussion where questions are just as valuable as answers. We encourage active participation to get the most value from these groups.

  • Virtual meetings are typically every 8 weeks
  • There is no minimum time commitment expected when joining the group but, you will get the most value out of these groups by being actively involved in discussions
  • Working Group meetings will either be a discussion on a more general topical issue or to solicit specific feedback on a draft publication
  • Each Working Group has its own discussion forum where you can ask questions either to us or your fellow group members
  • Draft publications and documents of interest will be uploaded to the working group page for comments and review - you can return any feedback via the Working Group page or directly to us if you would prefer to remain anonymous

How to Join a Working Group?

All our Signatories and Investor Chapter members are eligible to join any of our Working Groups.

We encourage your whole organisation to get value from the SBAI by nominating as many members of your firm to our Working Groups as you like.

Please see below the list of the active Working Groups. Each page contains a form that you can use to request to join the Working Groups you are interested in.