Managers accounting for approximately US$ 2tn have demonstrated their commitment to improving the alternative investment industry by becoming Signatories to the Standards. The Standards are applicable to all managers, regardless of their size and length of operation.

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Why and How to Become a Signatory?

Why to Join?

By becoming a Signatory you can:

  • Demonstrate to investors and regulators that you are committed to responsible standards of practice by signing up to the Alternative Investment Standards on a comply-or-explain basis
  • Collaborate with investors to improve industry outcomes through ongoing working group sessions
  • Participate in a global programme of educational and networking events
  • Have a voice in how the industry operates by participating in consultation processes to improve the Standards
  • Improve the efficiency of investor due diligence and monitoring through standardisation of common processes

How to Join

  • Join online and once your application has been approved, you can move to the next step. Please contact us at [email protected], if you have difficulties submitting your application form online.
  • Work through the Standards to ensure you are either in compliance with or able to explain a given Standard. You have up to six months to complete the process
  • Once you have achieved conformity, please submit the completed Conformity and Disclosure Statements via our website
  • Make your Disclosure Statement available to investors on request 
    • We will then issue a Signatory kite mark (valid for 12 months, which you can use on your website or marketing materials), as well as the invoice. Signatory fees are based on the manager's AUM, please click here
  • Annually renew your conformity with the Standards



List of Signatories

400 Capital Management LLC
ABC arbitrage Asset Management**
Addenda Capital
Acadian Asset Management
Acasta Partners
AlphaCat Managers Ltd
AlphaCrest Capital Management
Alyeska Investment Group
Amber Capital**
Angelo Gordon & Co., L.P.
AnglePoint Asset Management Ltd
Arcus Investment Ltd
Aspect Capital
Balyasny Asset Management L.P.
Bastion Asset Management Inc.**
BlackRock Investment Management
Bluebell Capital Partners
Boussard & Gavaudan
Bridgewater Associates
Brilliance Capital Management
Brummer & Partners*
Brummer Multi-Strategy AB
Canyon Partners, LLC
Capital Fund Management
Carlson Capital, L.P.
CdR Capital Ltd
Cerberus Capital Management LP
Cheyne Capital Management*
Contour Asset Management AB
Crabel Capital Management
Cryder Capital Partners
Dorsal Capital Management LLC
Dymon Asia Capital (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Effissimo Capital Management Pte Ltd
Elementum Advisors, LLC
Fiera Capital
Finex LLP**
First Beijing
Florin Court Capital
Folios Invest Ltd
Formula Growth Ltd
Fort LP
Galliant Advisors
GaoTeng Global Asset Management Ltd
GCI Asset Management**
GLG Partners*
Golden Nest Capital Management (Hong Kong) Co. Limited
GoldenTree Asset Management
Goldman Sachs Asset Management**
Gopher Redwoods Asset Management
Graham Capital Management
Grand Alliance Asset Management
Graticule Asset Management Asia
Heard Capital LLC
Hel Ved Capital Management Limited
Hiscox Re Insurance Linked Strategies
HPS Investment Partners
Hudson Structured Capital Management Ltd
IKOS CIF Limited
Inherent Group
Ionic Capital Management
IXI Fund Managers Ltd
Jasper Capital International
Jasper Capital Hong Kong Limited
Kepos Capital**
Kersley Street Capital
Lafayette Square Holding Company, LLC
Lakefront Asset Management
LFIS Capital
Leadenhall Capital Partners
Luxor Capital Group LP
Lynx Asset Management AB
Machina Capital
Magnetar Capital
Man Investments Ltd (AHL)*
Marshall Wace
Martlet Asset Management
Menai Financial Group LLC**
Mingshi Investment Management Ltd**

Millennium Management LLC**
Minority Asset Management Ltd
Misaki Capital
MKP Capital Management LLC
Monarch Alternative Capital LP
Nephila Capital Ltd
New Silk Road Investment Pte Ltd
Noah Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited
Nordis Capital
Nordkinn Asset Management
Northwest Investment Management (HK)
Numeric Investors LLC
Oasis Management Company Ltd
Ocean Arete Limited
One River Asset Management LLC
One William Street Capital Management
Orchard Global Asset Management
Otus Capital Management
Ovata Capital Management Limited**
Palekana Ltd**
Pantechnicon Advisors
Peak Capital Ltd**
PEO Partners
Periscope Capital Inc
Perseverance Asset Management International
PGIM Wadhwani
Picea Oriental Investment Management Ltd
Pictet Asset Management
Pinpoint Asset Management Ltd**
Platinum Investment Management Ltd
Polar Asset Management Partners
Polus Capital Management Limited
Polygon Global Partners
Polymer Capital Management (HK) Ltd
Quadriga Asset Management**
Quantica Capital
Quest Partners LLC
QVR Advisors
RBC BlueBay Asset Management
Renaissance Technologies LLC
Rockhampton Management Ltd
ROW Asset Management
Sandbar Asset Management
Schroders Capital ILS**
Scopia Capital Management LP
Sculptor Capital Management*
Securis Investment Partners LLP
Springs Capital
Strategic Capital
Strategic Value Partners LLC
Sussex Capital Management Ltd
Sylebra Capital
Systematica Investments Limited
Taconic Capital Advisors
Tangency Capital Ltd
Telligent Capital Management
Tenbagger Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited**
Tolis Advisors LP
Trium Capital LLP
Trustbridge Partners
Two Sigma Investments
Varick Capital Partners LP
Versor Investments
Voss Capital
Waterfall Asset Management
Welton Investment Partners
Winton Capital Management*
Wellington Alternative Investments, LLC
Whitebox Advisors LLC
Y2 Capital Partners Limited
Zebedee Capital Partners LLP
Zerobridge Partners**

Managed Account Platforms
Innocap Investment Management Inc.
Innocap Global Investment Management Ltd
OP Investment Management Ltd (OPIM)

* Founders
** Conformity in progress