Our Dedicated Programme for Small and Emerging Managers

We believe new entrants to the industry are vital to maintain a vibrant marketplace, bring innovation and competition to the industry, and provide more investment choices for allocators.

SBAI's Programme for small and emerging managers provides:

  • Advancement through opportunities to collaborate with peers and allocators (including those with dedicated emerging manager programmes),
  • Robustness of business operations through the Alternative Investment Standards, and
  • Knowledge of key industry trends through access to SBAI Communities, Working Groups, Events, and Toolbox Guidance.

SPARK - Transparency Tools


Administrator Transparency Reporting


Standardised Total Expense Ratio

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Standardised Board Agenda


SPARK - Guidance and Best Practice Memos

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Alternative Credit - Valuation

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ILS Funds - Valuation


SPARK - Guidance on Industry Trends

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Responsible Investment Policy Framework

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Principles of Culture and Diversity Strategies


SPARK - How can the Standards Help?

The SBAI’s Alternative Investment Standards were developed in consultation with both allocators and asset managers. They assist with building a robust business and with an efficient investor due diligence process.

The Standards are publicly available for use but only SBAI Signatories receiving an official kitemark showcasing to investors they are in conformity with the Standards.