06 Nov 2019

Standardised Board Agenda

A template board agenda and documentation pack for fund directors, managers and investors.

Fund governance has become an area of increased investor scrutiny and regulatory attention. Concerns often highlighted include the “rubber stamping” of decisions and the number of board mandates held by individual board members. The Alternative Investment Standards have a dedicated fund governance section which covers board composition, qualifications of board members, frequency of board meetings, and disclosure amongst other things.

A key factor that provides comfort over how well a board functions is the quality of the board meeting. This memo provides a standardised board agenda which acts as a template to be tailored to the specific fund and priority topics for the board.

The agenda includes areas such as:

  • Formalities,
  • Reports such as Investment Manager, Operations, Investor Relations, and other Service Providers,
  • Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance updates, and
  • Industry developments.