Reporting & Templates

Our standardised tools and templates seek to promote transparency and better outcomes for managers and investors, while our DDQs help managers and investors prepare for due diligence.

These Toolbox items are for practical use by the industry and are separate from the comply-or-explain approach to the Alternative Investment Standards. If you have any questions regarding our Toolbox items or would like to provide input, please contact [email protected].

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Open Protocol

Open Protocol Templates standardise the collection and collation of risk information for alternative investment funds.

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Administrator Transparency Reporting (ATR)

Administrator Transparency Reports (ATR) provide independent confirmation of fund assets and liabilities, pricing sources, and counterparty exposures.


Standard Total Expense Ratio (STER)

A single, standardised expense ratio allows comparison and monitoring of fees and expenses across different funds.

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Alternative Risk Premia

Alternative Risk Premia products require specialised due diligence.

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Big Data

Big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning continue to attract attention but require careful scrutiny.

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Strengthening governance arrangements and facilitating better investor due diligence is at the heart of the SBAI.