09 Mar 2021

Responsible Investment Policy Framework

There are growing expectations for asset managers to develop and disclose approaches to Responsible Investment. In this toolbox memo, we walk through the thought process on how to determine an approach, recommend policy disclosures and provide discussion points between allocators and asset managers.

Historically Responsible Investment (RI) was associated with value or norms-based security exclusions, but as awareness around RI issues grows globally, investors now have different motives for considering RI in the investment process including the financial materiality of RI-related risks. This has led to spectrum of approaches to RI.

This memo contains discussion on the following areas of building and documenting an RI Approach:

  • Foundations of an RI Approach: Key considerations including the key drivers, the spectrum of approaches, resource requirements, data, and the impact of RI on products.
  • Building Blocks of an RI Approach, including:
    • Responsible Integration
    • Responsible Asset Selection: Exclusions, Inclusions, and Impact
    • Responsible Ownership: Voting, Engagement, and Activism
    • Responsible Corporate and Market Citizenship: Organisational Initiatives, Good Market
    • Citizenship, and Carbon Offset and Hedging

Section 5 consolidates this into a framework for disclosures within an RI Policy.