12 Apr 2024

SBAI 2024 Operational Due Diligence Practices Survey

ODD plays a vital role in institutional investor processes. Our 2024 survey of ODD Practices reveals standard practices at leading investors across a range of areas including structures, use of data gathering tools, and challenges.

This survey was designed to support the SBAI’s ODD Community, which brings together senior ODD personnel at SBAI Investor Chapter member firms to network with peers, benchmark and share best practices, and to inform the SBAI’s priorities.

While many findings in this survey are encouraging – some concerns raised should give investment leaders food for thought in relation to the set up and resourcing of ODD functions going forward.

The survey covers five areas of interest, namely:

  • Organisational Arrangements
  • Use of Investment Consultants
  • ODD in the Investment Process
  • Data Gathering Techniques
  • Challenges & Issues

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