02 May 2023

New Initiative: Operational and ODD Communities

We recently launched this new initiative for our Signatories and Investor Chapter members to provide opportunities to network with peers combined with educational content. Each community is global and can be an important supplement to existing local networks and an extension of internal teams when exploring new ideas or processes.

At our core, the SBAI will always be a place for asset managers and institutional investors to collaborate to identify real world solutions to industry challenges. The SBAI Communities will provide an additional space for SBAI Signatories and Investor Chapter members to network with peers.

To begin, the initiative consists of two exclusive peer networks for Senior Operational and Operational Due Diligence professionals (COO, CFO, Head of Operations, Head/Deputy Head of ODD, or equivalent). The Operational Leaders and Operational Due Diligence Communities bring together representatives from SBAI Signatory and Investor Chapter member firms to discuss current issues and best practices, including topical industry events and incidents that have impacts upon the operational function.

By bringing together our network of Signatories and Investor Chapter members, the communities act as a global extension of existing local peer networks and powerful supplement to internal teams when exploring new ideas and processes.

In addition to quarterly virtual meetings to discuss topical issues, the Operational Leaders and ODD Communities will come together for in-person networking and discussions around our flagship events.

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