2024 Annual Nordic Institutional Investor Forum

We are excited to announce the 11th Annual Nordic Institutional Investor Forum, co-hosted with Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company. Prepare to engage with industry leaders as we delve into diversification strategies and the future landscape of investing in the Nordic region.


08:00: Registration & Networking Breakfast

09:00: Welcome Remarks



09:15: Opening Remarks


09:30: Fireside Chat: Investment Leaders: TPA vs Siloes

  • How to be nimble (and the organisational implications)
  • Do humans add value, or should we leave it to the machines? (ask Chat GPT) 
  • How to measure alpha/success?
  • Have we reached the limits to “internalisation”?


10:15: Panel: Macroeconomic Outlook and the Drivers of Markets for 2024

  • How might Geopolitics shape 2024?
  • What might we expect to see for markets?


11:00: Networking Break

11:30: Interactive Breakouts

Breakout 1: Private Market Dynamics

  • Private market valuation working group output
  • Concerns surrounding leverage



Breakout 2: Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • How are firms using AI now?
  • What Questions should investors ask?
  • What precautions should managers put in place, IP, data security etc?



Breakout 3: SEC Private Fund Rules or other Regulations?

  • Current state of play

  • Pros and cons

  • Unintended consequences



12:30: Lunch 

13:30: Guest Speaker


14:00: Panel: Diversification in the New Environment

  • Asset class performance outlook
  • Where can you find diversification now?
  • Role of alternatives


14:45: SBAI Update



14:50: Keynote Speaker 


15:25: Break 

15:45: Interactive Breakouts

Breakout 1: Special Situations in Credit

  • Where in the capital structure are the interesting opportunities

  • Sectors

  • Relative value

  • Stressed/distressed



Breakout 2: ESG Tour de Table

  • Perspectives on commodities

  • Engagement case studies

  • Carbon markets



Breakout 3: Diversifying Strategies

  • What features should investors look for in a diversifying strategy?
  • What drives returns in these strategies?
  • How should you expect them to behave in different environments
  • How are they used in institutional portfolios?



16:45: Reception