2023 Stockholm Institutional Investor Roundtable

Join us in Stockholm to hear from leading industry experts discussing Investor Allocation Priorities, Regulatory Perspectives and Responsible Investment.


13:45: Registration

14:00: Welcome Remarks



14:05: SBAI Overview



14:15: Panel Discussion: The End of Free Money

Optimizing allocations in a world of higher interest rates.

  • Capital efficiency in Investments
  • Changing performance dynamics in levered strategies
  • Winners and losers in higher interest rate environment


15:00: Interactive Breakout Sessions

Breakout 1: Credit Market Dynamics

  • Private credit managers being handed distressed companies
  • Turn of the credit cycle
  • Impact of previous covenant lite lending
  • What should Investor expect to see in this space



Breakout 2: ESG in Systematic Strategies

  • How ESG can systematic really be?!

  • Impact: How can it work in systematic space

  • What really matters

  • Commodities

  • Should we lobby governments to tighten regulations?



Breakout 3: Allocator Investment Risk Framework

  • Spectrum of approaches

  • Modelling convexity / tail risk

  • Downside protection

  • Modelling private assets

  • Risk knowledge transfer / collaboration with managers



15:30: Break

15:45: Keynote Speaker


16:30: Panel Discussion: Macroeconomic Outlook and Asset Allocation for 2024

  • Correlations
  • Geopolitics
  • Green Transition
  • Equities are not the only option for returns


17:15: Networking Reception