03 Jul 2024

SBI Welcomes New Stakeholders: Kodai Capital Management and Zhong Ou Rabbit Fund Management

Signatory and Core Supporter
Kodai Capital Management

Kodai Capital Management LP is a fundamental equity investment firm established in 2020 by Neville Shah and Joon Park. Kodai employs seasoned industry leaders who utilize a deep fundamental research approach to analyze companies. Kodai’s investment teams leverage insights by understanding idiosyncratic industry drivers, analyzing competitive dynamics, and fostering respectful and insightful dialogue with corporate management teams. Kodai believes in a decentralized but collaborative investment approach by entrusting industry experts with extensive investing experience to deploy capital. The firm invests globally in equity and equity-linked securities with a focus on industries that are driving transformation through technological innovation.

Zhong Ou Rabbit Fund Management Company Limited

Zhong Ou Rabbit Fund Management Company Limited (“Rabbit Fund”) is a privately owned investment management company in China. Since 2007, Rabbit Fund has been focusing on growth investment opportunities in China via fundamental research.