Annual Canadian Forum

Canadian and US Allocators gathered to discuss ESG and Diversity expectations, governance and transparency, role of alternatives in a portfolio, and measuring efficiency of alternatives.


14:00 EST:

  • Opening Remarks – Mario Therrien, SBAI Chair, Head of Investment Funds and External Management, CDPQ
  • Guest Speaker -  Bill Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, CAIA Association 
  • SBAI Outcomes – Maria Long, Research and Content Director, SBAI 

14:20 EST: Panel One: What do the Allocators of Tomorrow Look Like? 

  • What innovations might be needed and how these might be impeded
  • The trajectory of ESG and Diversity expectations
  • The risk of group think due to regulatory and public perception concerns
  • What governance and transparency looks like in the future

15:30 EST: Panel Two: Are Alternatives Efficient? - An Allocator Perspective 

  • The role of alternatives in a portfolio
  • Measuring the efficiency of alternatives
  • Are alternatives efficient?
  • How can efficiency be increased