31 Mar 2022

SBAI Welcomes New Stakeholders: The Rockefeller University and Finex LLP

Investor Chapter
The Rockefeller University

The world’s leading biomedical research university, and the oldest such institute in the United States, The Rockefeller University in New York City draws top scientists and graduate students from around the world in pursuit of one mission: to conduct science for the benefit of humanity. The University has been home to 26 winners of the Nobel Prize (of whom five are current heads of lab), 25 winners of the Lasker Award, 20 winners of the National Medal of Science, 19 winners of the Gairdner Award, five winners of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, and four MacArthur Fellows. The Investments Office, under the direction of the University’s Investment Committee, manages approximately $3 billion in endowment assets. The primary role of the endowment is to advance the research mission of the University through support of the annual operating budget.

Finex LLP

Finex LLP is London based investment manager registered both with the FCA (UK) and CFTC/NFA (USA), with a focus on liquid Socially Responsible strategies in CleanTech. The firm was formed in 2010 and since 2012 the firm has managed UCITS and AIF funds. The firm currently manages a Luxembourg Article 8 UCITS fund, long only but with near zero beta which invests in Clean Energy and Water.