17 Nov 2022

SBAI Welcomes New Stakeholders: Pinechip Capital and Amber Capital

Investor Chapter
Pinechip Capital GmbH

Pinechip Capital is a long horizon investment firm with just one client, a single-family office based in Hamburg. With the purpose of expanding the freedom and wealth of future generations, Pinechip develops tailor-made investment solutions. Investment solutions are characterized by their long horizon approach, diversification, and risk management. Illiquid investments are employed if there is adequate compensation. The company has around ten full-time team members. To exploit competitive advantages around decision making, Pinechip is dedicated to apply well-designed processes, and increasingly employs technology to support decision-making.

Amber Capital

Amber Capital was formed in 2005 and has established local offices in London, Milan and New York. Amber Capital seeks to combine deep fundamental analysis with event-driven investing with a focus on investments in Europe. The firm seeks to offer different investment solutions to satisfy different investors’ needs with the objective of compounding attractive, risk-adjusted returns over the market cycle. Additional pillars of Amber Capital’s asset management approach include its active shareholder philosophy and engagement with companies, management teams and relevant stakeholders with a focus on corporate governance and other ESG-related initiatives with the goal of unlocking unrealised value.