27 Mar 2024

SBAI Welcomes New Stakeholders: Corbin Capital, Cohalo, Lotus AM, Golden Pine AM and TCorp

Investor Chapter

Corbin Capital Partners

Corbin Capital Partners is a New York-based woman-led independent alternative asset management firm that specializes in multi-strategy hedge fund and opportunistic credit investing. Corbin has over 20-plus years of experience creating and managing differentiated commingled and bespoke portfolios for investors globally. Several years ago, Corbin began integrating corporate sustainability practices across its organization and launched a separate sustainability focused investment strategy in 2023. As of January 1,2024, Corbin has $8.7 billion in assets under management.


TCorp is the financial services partner to the NSW public sector, providing best-in-class investment management, financial management solutions and advice. With over $110bn of assets under management, TCorp is a top 10 Australian institutional investor and is the central borrowing authority of the state of NSW, with a balance sheet of over $171bn as at 31 January 2024.



Cohalo® is a money management firm with a goal to improve portfolios, striving to do so through innovative market strategies that aim to deliver top-ranked performance and true diversification. The firm’s flagship—Dynamic Volatility Strategies (DVS)—is underpinned by persistently divergent equity volatility expectations (both under/overpriced) and resulting risk premiums, seeking to capitalize on acute and extended mispricings by employing a disciplined process of dynamic exposure in both direction and degree to listed volatility futures. The firm’s Principal began his career in the investment industry in 2007, ultimately overseeing billions in multi-asset portfolios on behalf of elite institutions before founding Cohalo® in 2018 in the Seattle area.

Golden Pine Asset Management Limited

Golden Pine Asset Management Limited is an asset management company with a focus on value investing. The firm’s strategy aims to generate consistent returns across economic and industrial cycles by employing a disciplined approach to identifying solid businesses with attractive valuations. As selective contrarians, the firm carefully select top ideas throughout Greater China. Since its inception in Jun 2016, the firm strives to generate sustainable absolute returns through a long-biased equity strategy with a moderately concentrated portfolio.

Lotus Asset Management Limited

Lotus Asset Management ("Lotus") is a Hong Kong corporation licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong to engage in Type 4 (advising in securities) and Type 9 (asset management) regulated activities. In June 2022, Lotus was acquired by Harpers Capital. The firm offers investment funds management services covering secondary markets and alternative investments via various platforms that best serve its clients' needs. The team at Lotus Asset Management is made up of talented professionals with backgrounds in investment banking, asset management, and private banking.