06 Sep 2022

SBAI Welcomes New Stakeholders: ArielRe, First Beijing, Folios Invest Ltd, Menai Asset Management and Varick Capital Partners


Originally founded in 2005, ArielRe is a multi-line, specialty reinsurer meeting the business needs of a diverse client base. It operates principally through Syndicate 1910 at Lloyd’s but also offers access to Lloyd’s Europe via Syndicate 5336.

Ariel Re provides its clients with a broad range of innovative reinsurance solutions and services through its offices in Bermuda, London and Hong Kong. 

First Beijing

First Beijing was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. The firm has an extremely stable team of over 30 employees and is 100% employee-owned. The firm invests with a long-biased/long-only approach in the common equity of publicly traded Chinese companies, with the objective of generating significant outperformance above the MSCI China All Shares Index over the long-term. The firm places heavy emphasis on discovering and thoroughly analyzing companies that it considers to be under-researched or possibly misunderstood by the market, which allows it to uncover value by being an early or contrarian investor. Given the firm’s long-term focus, First Beijing does not focus on minimizing volatility but will simply target attractive absolute and relative returns by building a concentrated portfolio of best ideas. The firm is agnostic towards the listing jurisdiction of companies, but tends to have a primary focus on the Consumer, TMT and Real Estate sectors.

Folios Invest Ltd

Folios Invest Ltd, based in London and founded in 2019, manages a Global Macro strategy. The approach is directional, rules-based, and employs semi-systematic trading models to generate superior, uncorrelated risk-adjusted returns across asset classes. The objective is to identify, at any given point in time, the correct phase of the market cycle it is trading in, as in each phase, specific asset classes and sectors will outperform the market. It does so by evaluating the output of a proprietary model that uses fixed income, equities and commodity indices as inputs. The model's strength is its unique risk metrics robustness, both for the single position and at the portfolio level. Investments are implemented utilising the most liquid and physical ETFs for fixed income, equities and commodities. Foreign exchange positions are expressed via spot FX transactions.

Menai Asset Management

Menai Asset Management (“Menai”) is an investment manager providing diversified exposure to liquid digital assets through its institutional platform of open-end funds. The firm combines decades of traditional finance experience with crypto-native practitioners to construct portfolios rooted in fundamental bottom-up research. Menai pursues operational alpha by building infrastructure, risk management processes and security protocols with an institutional-grade rigor.

Menai is a wholly owned subsidiary of Menai Financial Group, a women-owned and -led global financial institution founded in 2020 by Zoe Cruz and specializing in the management, proprietary trading, and market-making of digital assets. With offices in New York, London and Tokyo, Menai is an active participant in the Digital Transformation 24/7/365. To learn more, please contact [email protected]

Varick Capital Partners LP

Varick Capital Partners is technology-driven asset management firm headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands utilizing advancements in the areas of machine learning and cloud computing. The firm has defined an eligible investment universe which spans liquid futures markets within global stock indices, fixed income, currencies and commodities. Moreover, the systematic strategy applies scientific techniques on the behavior of price data, which form the basis for predicting future price movements. Technology powers the investment system to find information in data and to manage risk in multiple dimensions. The investment objective is to achieve long-term capital appreciation through compounded growth. The strategy seeks to provide positive returns in most market environments whilst being uncorrelated to equity and bond markets. Varick is registered with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA).

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