30 Sep 2019

SBAI APAC Committee Welcomes New Members: William Ma and Brian Pohli

The SBAI’s APAC Committee added two new members to the Committee: William Ma, CIO of Noah Holdings (HK) Limited and Brian Pohli, Executive Director of CQS (HK) Limited. Noah Holdings (HK) Ltd is both a Signatory to the Standards and a member of the SBAI’s Investor Chapter. CQS is one of the founding members of the SBAI and has been a Signatory to the Standards since 2008.

Ted Lee, Chairman of the APAC Committee, stated: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome William and Brian to our Committee. The wealth of their experience and knowledge of our exciting industry will benefit the Committee as well as the Standard Board’s mission in the APAC region. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank George Long, Founder of LIM Advisors, who is stepping down from the Committee after having served on it since its inception in 2016. The APAC Committee has made tremendous progress in the region thanks to the extraordinary support of its members, and George has very much been a part of that, and we are very grateful to him.”