26 Jan 2023

Letter from SBAI Chair - Mario Therrien

Message from SBAI Chair Mario Therrien to Stakeholders 

Dear Stakeholders

It has been an exceptional period in recent years for the global economy, markets, and investors. For investors, these challenges have reinforced the need for resilience in portfolios – putting alternative investment strategies in the spotlight. Times of volatility and distress often expose weaknesses in structures and practices, so it is no surprise that there has been a renewed focus by investors on ensuring that the funds and managers which they allocate to are operating in a robust fashion.

This is precisely how we at the SBAI seek to support our global community of over 250 alternative investment managers and institutional investors, which represent over USD 8tn in assets. At the SBAI, our stakeholders collaborate through a neutral platform to find solutions to the pressing issues facing the investment industry.

Our mission is simple: Improve the Alternative Investment ecosystem by setting Standards, providing practical industry guidance, and facilitating collaboration between investment managers, investors, and the regulatory community.

Our Standards provide a strong foundation for the industry to operate. We focus on key areas that matter to investors, including Disclosure, Valuations, Risk Management, Governance, and Shareholder Conduct – enabling investors to make well-informed investment decisions and supporting functioning markets and financial stability. The SBAI also provides industry guidance and transparency tools through our Toolbox in topical areas, including Responsible Investment, Culture & Diversity, Cybersecurity, and more.

In 2023, the SBAI will seek to focus on several key areas, including:

  • Further broadening the application of the Standards to private market funds and investments
  • Developing tools and producing guidance on best practices for managers and investors in valuations of private assets
  • Establishing a framework for carbon footprint measurement in alternative investment strategies where no such guidance exists
  • Understanding and producing guidance as appropriate in areas related to Digital Assets, including counterparty risk

Our collaborative approach that brings together managers, allocators, and knowledge sharing with other industry organisations such as CAIA, ILPA, AIMA, and the MFA, is our unique strength. We at the SBAI work together for the sole benefit of all constituents of the ecosystem and their ultimate beneficiaries.

As the world opens up, we at the SBAI look forward to continued engagement with you, our partners, and the regulatory community globally – to build a more resilient alternative asset management sector. We are thankful for the knowledge and insight you have shared with us and invite you to continue to actively support our work through participation in our working groups, communities, and global events.

Thank you

Mario Therrien

Chair, SBAI