2024 North American Stakeholder Forum

Join us at our Annual North American Stakeholder Forum as we return to New York to hear from industry leaders from both institutional investors and managers.


08:00: IDEAS Breakfast "Take the Stage" (by invitation only)

  • The Benefits of Thought Leadership
  • Personal Branding: What is it & Why it Matters
  • Strategies to Enhance Visibility
  • Media and Engagement Platforms
  • Protecting Your Personal Brand


09:30: Educational Workshops & Community Meetings:

Communications Workshop: Creating Better Outcomes
  • Strengthening GP-LP Relationships

  • Internal Communications Strategies

  • Strategic Approaches to Public Relations

  • Building a Winning Organizational Brand Strategy



Career Development Workshop: Building Connections
  • Career Journey: Key Inflection points /Risks Taken

  • Resources to Strengthen your Career Path (personal board of directors, coaches, additional skills, knowledge, etc.)

  • Factors That Help Drive Success

  • My First Job



Carbon Markets: New Frontiers for Investors
  • Global landscape and what is on the horizon

  • Compliance vs voluntary markets

  • How to navigate and get access



10:15: Educational Workshops & Community Meetings:

Talent Workshop: Attracting & Retaining Talent
  • Finding & Attracting Talent: What has Changed?

  • New Workplace Priorities: work from home, total benefits, health & wellness, team building, etc.

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Building an Inclusive Culture: Retaining Talent



Leadership Workshop: Motivating & Influencing Teams to Succeed
  • Aligning Values with Business Strategy

  • Leadership & Relentless Communication

  • Managing Expectations: Transparency & Consistency

  • Trust Building

  • Celebrating Success



Communities Meeting: Regulation, Transparency & Disclosure
  • SEC Private Fund Rule: How can managers prepare and what should investors expect?

  • Outsourcing, delegation, and third-party oversight: What are good practices for managers to follow?

  • Trade errors: What level of transparency do investors expect and what approaches are there to deal with errors?



11:00: Welcome Lunch & Networking

12:30: Welcome & Opening Remarks



12:45: Fireside Chat with Mario Therrien, CDPQ



13:30: Panel: Investment Leaders Perspectives: Building Resilience into Portfolios & Managing Change

  • What has changed?
  • What are new considerations, opportunities, and risks across asset classes?
  • Investment Themes & Diversification Strategies
  • Managing Risk More Effectively (technology enablement, AI, data & operating models, etc.)


14:30: Break

15:00: Panel: Climate Scenarios and Integration into SAA

  • Influence of climate change on macro environment and asset prices

  • How investors are integrating these scenarios into TPA

  • Impact across emerging and developed markets

  • Looking across liquidity spectrum and time horizons


16:00: Panel: Founders Perspective: State of the Alternatives Industry

  • Key forces that will drive the alternatives industry going forward
  • Modernizing the Hedge Fund model 
  • The Changing Regulatory Environment: Opportunity & Concerns
  • Top Geopolitical Issues & Global Markets (the fed, rates, the election, etc.)
  • The Challenges Facing Investors
  • What is technology doing to the investment business? Is it helping or killing our business?


17:00: Reception