2023 Shanghai Institutional Investor Roundtable

Join us in Shanghai for our Institutional Investor Roundtable and hear from industry leaders from both institutional investors and managers.


08:30: Registration

09:00: Opening remarks

  • Jian Xiao, Director General, Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Authority
  • Jianping Liu, Chair, Shanghai Asset Management Association; CEO, ZhongOu Asset Management

09:10: Fireside chat: International Investor Expectations 

  • Current high level big investment priorities
  • Relationship/partnership with managers (not so transactional)
  • Getting Board/investment committee on board with alternatives and investing in China
  • Looking beyond the generic part of a manager pitch.


09:50: SBAI Update

Current SBAI Initiatives

10:00: Keynote Speech

10:10: Keynote Speech

An Update on Onshore/Offshore Programmes


 10:25: Coffee Break - Sponsored By OP Investment Management Ltd

10:45: Panel Discussion: Raising Capital from International Investors

  • Addressing the elephant in the room – Geopolitical tension 

  • How have investor expectations evolved in the last years?   

  • In what areas do misunderstandings arise between global and domestic practice and how to overcome them? 

  • What are deal breakers in due diligence? 

  • How to institutionalize (and internationalize)?


 11:35 Panel Discussion: Evolution of China's Capital Market

  • Innovation and new instruments
  • Quant strategy and high frequency trading
  • Liquidity and turnover
  • Diversity of investor base
  • Technology and infrastructure
  • Difference compared to international market


12:15: Networking Lunch - Sponsored By OP Investment Management Ltd

13:15: Afternoon Session Registration

13:30: Interactive Breakout Discussions (You will have the opportunity to join each group)

Breakout sessions

Group 1: Formulating your own unique and differentiated narrative

Group 2: Preparing for ODD of your offshore fund - The top 5 operational failures and red flags in ODD that deter institutional investors

Group 3: Setting up offshore structures and operations

15:30: Coffee Break - Sponsored By OP Investment Management Ltd

15:50: Fireside Chat: State of Play and International Practice of Responsible Investment

  • Responsible Investment Framework and Approaches

  • The application of responsible investment in different asset classes and strategies


16:30: Closing Remarks