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Bringing managers and investors together to set standards for the alternative investment industry

Working Groups

The SBAI Working Groups bring together industry practitioners from institutional investors and investment managers to develop content and guidance on practical industry issues and to advise the Board on its standard-setting activities.

 Working Group Areas of focus Publications/Activities
 Alternative Credit
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Valuation
  • Choice of fund structure
  • Application of Responsible Investment considerations to alternative credit
Memos on Conflicts of Interest, Valuation and Choice of Fund published in April 2020
Alternative Risk Premia
  • Back-testing practices
  • Broker dealer practices: Framework to asses broker dealer products
Toolbox memos on back-testing and broker dealer practices published in July 2020
China Working Group
  • Assessing regulatory developments in China
Comparison of Chinese regulation and Standards of international practice
Culture & Diversity
  • Link between corporate culture and compliance (culture)
  • How to assess corporate culture in due diligence?
  • What role does diversity play in organisations?
  • Practical considerations (recruiting, firm management, etc.)
Ongoing Standards Board Culture & Diversity Roundtable series (2018-2020)
  • Cash handling and cyber security
  • Transparency of full range of fee options
  • Indemnification wording in offering documents
  • “Governance Functions” Toolkit
  • Governance and liquidity risk management
Insurance Linked Funds Side pocketing practices:

  • Features of a robust side-pocketing process
  • Key questions for investors to ask
Guidance on valuation of ILS Funds
Japan Working Group Comparison of Japanese practices and regulation with international practice Educational sessions for investors and managers
Responsible Investment
  • Review existing materials about Responsible Investing in alternative investments
  • Review of regulatory developments
  • Assessing applicability of different strategies – key questions to ask (L/S Equity, Fixed Income, Credit, Systematic, ILS)
  • Key questions investors need to ask when calibrating their approach
Publication of Toolbox memos expected in Q3 /Q4 2020
Risk Reporting Working Group
  • Mapping regulatory reporting templates (Form PF, AIFM-D Annex IV..)/perspective on harmonisation
  • Systemic risk analyses
 Publications of results tbc
Standard Investor Profile Template (SIPT) Work in progress aiming to produce a standardised template for collecting the KYC and AML information required when making a new investment in order to:

  • Reduce the administrative burden on investors to ensure required information is consistent across most jurisdictions and funds
  • Include questions that are not controversial and are common amongst alternative funds allowing easy adoption by investment managers
 Publications of results tbc