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Bringing managers and investors together to set standards for the alternative investment industry

SBAI Asia-Pacific (APAC) Committee

The APAC Committee was set up in June 2016 to help the SBAI establish a more dedicated effort in the region by assisting with the SBAI’s dialogue and relationships with regulators, alternative investment managers and investors, and ensuring that Asia-Pacific regional and local issues and needs are addressed as the SBAI develops standards and guidance.

Current Initiatives
  • Japan Working Group
  • China Working Group: Comparison of Standards – similarities and difference of onshore China and global industry standards
  • Standards in Chinese – 另类投资标准 – PDF
  • Standards in Japanese – オルタナティブ 投資基準 – PDF
  • SBAI General Presentation in Chinese
  • SBAI General Presentation in Japanese will be available soon
  • Aug 2021: Publication: SBAI publishes a guide for Chinese onshore alternative managers expanding offshore
  • Aug: 2021: New Joiners: Hel Ved Capital Management, Pinpoint Asset Management and Y2 Capital Partners become signatories
  • Jul 2021: New Joiner: AnglePoint Asset Management becomes a signatory
  • Jun 2021: New Joiner: Aviva Singlife Holdings Pte Ltd joins IC; Mingshi Investment Ltd becomes a signatory
  • May 2021: New Joiner – Ovata Capital Management becomes a signatory
  • Apr 2021:  Event: SBAI hosts its Australian Institutional Investor Roundtable with speakers from ASIC, Future Fund, NSW T-Corp, NZ Government Superannuation Fund Authority and Platinum Investment Management
  • Feb 2021: New Joiner – New Silk Road Management becomes a signatory
  • Jan 2021: Publication – SBAI submits response to HK SFC Consultation on Managing and Disclosing Climate-Related Risks
  • Jan 2021: New Joiner – Golden Nest Capital becomes a signatory
  • Nov 2020: Event – SBAI hosts a panel discussion with APAC Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Nov 2020: New Joiners – GaoTeng Global Asset Management and Lakefront Asset Management become signatories
  • Oct 2020: New Joiner – Platinum Asset Management becomes a signatory
  • Aug 2020: New Joiners – Hillhouse and Polymer become signatories
  • Jul 2020: Event – SBAI hosts a panel discussion “Facts and Perspectives: Hong Kong as a Hub for Alternative Investments”
  • Jul 2020: Event – SBAI hosts a fireside chat with HKMA’s Deputy Chief Executive, Mr. Howard Lee
  • Jun 2020: Event – Alternative Credit Event for the APAC Region
  • Jun 2020: New Joiner – Jupiter Research Capital becomes a signatory
  • May 2020:  Event: Co-Investments in APAC
  • May 2020: Event – Navigating through COVID-19: Looking Beyond the Lockdown
  • May 2020: New Joiner – Sylebra becomes a signatory
  • May 2020: Event – Navigating through COVID-19: Superfunds’ Perspective
  • May 2020: Event – Co-Investments in APAC
  • Apr 2020: Event – Navigating through COVID-19 – APAC Industry Leaders’ Perspective
  • April 2020: SBAI events transition to a virtual format
  • Apr 2020: New Joiner – Minority Asset Management becomes a signatory
  • Mar 2020: Announcement – SBAI adds team members from APAC
  • Mar 2020: New Joiner –  Perseverance Asset Management becomes a signatory
  • Dec 2019: Event – Shanghai, SBAI co-hosted a Roundtable with the Allocate to China Initiative
  • Dec 2019: Event – Hong Kong, SBAI co-hosted a Roundtable with Hong Kong Monetary Authority
  • Oct 2019: Announcement – SBAI announces new APAC Committee appointments
  • Sep 2019: Event – Singapore, SBAI co-hosted a Roundtable with Dymon Asia Capital
  • Jan 2019: Announcement – SBAI launches its Japan Working Group
  • Jan 2019: Event – JIAM-SBAI Meeting, Tokyo: Building a leading financial centre. Topics discussed: “building a leading financial centre”, “importance of industry standards to attract capital” and “the role of the asset owner community”
  • Jan 2019: Event – Hong Kong: SBAI co-hosted a Roundtable with CPPIB
  • Dec 2018: Event – Shanghai: SBAI co-hosted a Roundtable with the Allocate to China Initiative
  • Sep 2018: Announcement – SBAI Announces New APAC Committee Appointments and Progress Report
  • Sep 2018: Publication – SBAI China Working Group publishes Standards Comparison
  • Aug 2018: New Joiner – Annuitas (NZ) joins SBAI Investor Chapter
  • Aug 2018: Event – SBAI co-hosts Roundtables in Sydney and Melbourne and Auckland (see summary here)
  • May 2018: Event – SBAI co hosts a Big Data/AI Roundtable in Hong Kong and a Roundtable in Singapore (see summary here)
  • Feb 2018: Publication – Alpha Week publishes “SBAI sees growing interest China”

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