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Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment (RI) is a growing area of interest for both asset managers and investors but, implementation of RI concepts outside of traditional equity strategies can present challenges. The SBAI RI Working Group will explore the spectrum of approaches that exists for RI considerations within alternative investments.

The aims of the working group are:

  • To help institutional investors and alternative investment managers better understand how RI can be applied in different alternative investment strategies,
  • Facilitate more informed investor decisions and enable asset managers to develop their own approach to RI.

The outputs will form part of the SBAI’s Toolbox and will not be part of the Standard setting activities. Specific areas that will be explored are:

Review of Regulatory Expectations

  • Memo exploring the regulatory approaches for investors, investment managers and issuers across Europe, North America, and Asia.
  • Press Release (10-2020)

Basic Policy Framework Guidance

  • Non-prescriptive tools to assist investment managers to determine their own RI approaches.
  • Press Release (03-2021)

Strategy Specific Implementation

  • Drill downs into practical implementation of RI polices in the following strategies: Equity Long Short, Macro (Fixed Income/FX), Credit, ILS and Systematic.

Investor Approach

  • Non-prescriptive guidance for investors in both determining their own RI approach and assessing manager RI frameworks during due diligence.