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Cyber Security

Cyber security has become an increasingly prominent focus of the industry. Regulators also are taking a strong interest in understanding and assessing the resilience of regulated firms to cyber-attacks.

New: Cash Handling and Cyber Security

Cyber-enabled fraud attempts are escalating and evolving, and the current remote working environment has created additional vulnerabilities that firms need to address. This memo provides guidance on key controls that help protect managers’ payment processes. It also can be used as a tool for investors to evaluate these controls during due diligence.

Press Release (09-2020)

Cyber Security Memo

Following the publication of the first SBAI Cyber Security Memo in 2015, the SBAI has published an updated Cyber Security Memo 2019 focusing on small and medium-sized alternative investment managers. The new Memo provides a series of practical tools these managers can consider, including a cyber defence framework, a  basic cyber hygiene implementation, due diligence of managed IT service providers, an overview of regulatory expectations, examples of contractual requirements for technology service providers and a summary of cyber security testing options.

Press Release (05-2019)