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Relevance of the Standards

The SBAI Alternative Investment Standards remain as relevant today as when they were created in 2008, if not more so. Recent industry events and regulatory actions continue to highlight the importance of having robust standards in place for disclosure, operations, compliance, and risk management.

Below are a selection of memos showcasing the importance of the standards:

  • April 2021: Archegos, Counterparty Risk and Disclosure: The forced unwind of counterparty positions due to Archegos family office being unable to meet margin calls highlights the importance of the SBAI Standards on Counterparty Disclosure and Counterparty Risk Monitoring.
  • March 2021: ESMA and Liquidity: ESMAs concerns on liquidity in UCITS funds are applicable to all alternative investment funds and highlight the importance of the SBAI Standards on Disclosure and Liquidity Risk Management.