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At the SBAI, we support efforts to facilitate fair and efficient markets, and enable investors to make well-informed investment decisions. Accurate and timely disclosure of all types of risk, including ESG risks (where applicable), are a critical input to investors’ risk management processes.

Regulators globally are on a journey to increase the level of ESG disclosures, particularly for climate-related risks. We have responded to consultations from regulators focusing on the importance of:

  • Consistency between regulators
  • Sequencing and Implementation of Rules
  • Proportionality of requirements


U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) SEC requests for public input on Climate Change Disclosures:

Whilst this consultation related to disclosure by issuers, we responded with several key points that should govern any regulatory approach to ESG disclosures:

  • Making use of existing ESG disclosure frameworks
  • Ensuring global consistency of disclosure requirements
  • Considering other ESG risks in addition to climate
  • Proportionality of requirements
  • Sequencing and Implementation – disclosure should be mandated at the issuer level before the asset manager level


Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC HK) SFC publishes a consultation paper on the Management and Disclosure
of Climate-related Risks by Fund Managers

In response to a consultation on asset manager disclosure we raised the following points:

  • Disclosure should be mandated at the issuer level before the fund manager level.
  • Climate risk is being elevated as a risk factor and treated differently from the typically principles based approach to risk management regulation.
  • Any risk management regulations should retain flexibility given the diverse nature of the alternative investment industry.
  • Enhanced standards should apply to fund managers running dedicated ESG products rather than managers over a certain AUM threshold.