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Bringing managers and investors together to set standards for the alternative investment industry


The SBAI is an active alliance of alternative investment managers and investors dedicated to advancing responsible practice, partnership and knowledge.

By becoming an SBAI Investor Chapter Member, you are joining a community that works together to improve industry outcomes and make investing in alternatives more efficient and transparent.

  • Collaborate with global peers and managers: work with investors to improve industry outcomes through ongoing working group sessions, dedicated to a wide-range of issues
  • Demonstrate “good capital market citizenship”: Show investors and regulators that you are committed to responsible standards of practice by signing up to the Alternative Investment Standards on a comply-or-explain basis
  • Stay up-to-date on current industry issues: Join the SBAI’s programme of global educational and networking events
  • Shape the global alternative investment industry: Have a voice in how the industry operates by participating in consultation processes to improve the Standards
  • Improve efficiency: Aid investor due diligence and monitoring through standardisation of common processes

The strong presence of investors is important to the SBAI community as it ensures that the Standards and solutions to industry challenges meet the needs of institutional investors.

To find out about how to join, please click here.