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Global Events

Each year the SBAI holds a series of events, including institutional investor roundtables, regulatory seminars, workshops and annual stakeholders forums. These events, held in financial centres around the world, bring together managers, investors and other industry parties to tackle topical issues through practical case studies and interactive discussions.

All events are arranged on a complimentary basis.  Please contact us at to find out more about the events.

  • The Spectrum of RI Approaches in Alternatives:

    11 March 2021: speakers includes  Albourne Partners, New Holland Capital and Transtrend. areas of focus include: Responsible Integration – 21st Century risks, not controversial to integrate into risk management processes where they are material Responsible Asset Selection – Exclusions, Inclusions and Impact Responsible Asset Ownership – Voting, Engagement, Activism Responsible Corporate & Market Citizenship

  • Investing in Crypto Assets and Blockchain – State of Play:

    16 Mar 2021: Institutional Investor Perspective: speakers from British Columbia Investment Corp, CERN Pension Fund, Lockheed Martin Investment Management Company and OP Trust. Areas of focus include: What are crypto assets and blockchain? Are they investable for institutional investors? What is the investment case? What are key challenges? Where to invest in the “stack”? How to socialise the asset class in investment organisations?

  • Market Discussion and Outlook:

    24 March: Institutional Investor Roundtable – speakers from CDPQ, Marshall Wace and Systematica Investments. Areas of focus include: Asset allocation & opportunities in post COVID-19 world Future sources of return and diversification Role of alternatives (private markets, hedge funds, alternative risk premia, etc.)

  • Emerging Manager Session:

    30 March 2021: speakers from Albourne, CDPQ, RockCreek and TRS. Areas of focus: Overview of the SBAI SPARK Platform How to get involved and how to join the SBAI Community Investment and Operational Due Diligence Considerations Expectations on Emerging Industry Trends and Issues: Top Tips and Common Pitfalls for New Managers

  • Australian Institutional Investor Roundtable:

    22 April 2021: Speakers include Future Fund, Platinum Investment Management. More to come

  • Annual North American Stakeholder Forum:

    12 May 2021: Details TBC

  • Benchmarking Alternative Performance:

    20 May 2021: Institutional Investor Roundtable – Speakers from AP4, CDPQ and TRS. Areas of focus include: How do investors benchmark performance? What benchmarks are used – drawbacks? Are factor benchmarks relevant? How did benchmarks work during times of distress? How do you adjust benchmarks to match your portfolio?

  • London:

    15 September 2021: Annual General Assembly; Details TBC

  • Montreal:

    2 December 2021: Annual Institutional Investor Roundtable; Details TBC

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