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Global Events

Each year the SBAI holds a series of events, including institutional investor roundtables, regulatory seminars, workshops and annual stakeholders forums. These events, held in financial centres around the world, bring together managers, investors and other industry parties to tackle topical issues through practical case studies and interactive discussions.

All events are arranged on a complimentary basis.

  • London:

    26 Mar 2020: ESG Roundtable to be hosted by Man Group. Topics: current state of play for ESG investment and how ESG may be applicable across different investment strategies.

  • New York:

    1 Apr 2020: Institutional Investor Roundtable; agenda includes alternative credit panel and responsible investments discussions

  • San Francisco:

    13 Apr 2020: Culture & Diversity Workshop and Responsible Investments Roundtable

  • Boston:

    30 Apr 2020: Responsible Investments Roundtable

  • New York:

    14 May 2020: Annual North American Stakeholder Forum

  • New York:

    14 May 2020: Emerging Manager Session

  • Beijing:

    Q3-4 2020: Institutional Investor Roundtable

  • Hong Kong:

    Q3-4 2020: Institutional Investor Roundtable

  • London:

    9 Sep 2020: Annual General Assembly

  • Montreal:

    2 Dec 2020: SBAI Institutional Investor Roundtable.

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