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Sir Andrew Large
Chairman Emeritus

Sir Andrew Large was Deputy Governor of the Bank of England from 2002 to 2006. He now acts independently for central banks and governments in relation to financial stability and crisis prevention issues.He is also Chairman of the Senior Advisory Board of Oliver Wyman; Senior Adviser to Hedge Fund Standards Board; Chairman of the Advisory Committee of Marshall Wace, and Chairman of the Board Risk Committee of Axis, Bermuda.

Sir Andrew’s career has covered a wide range of senior positions in the world of global finance, within both the private and public sectors. Sir Andrew spent twenty years in capital markets and investment banking, first with Orion Bank and then with Swiss Bank Corporation, on its Management Board from 1987-1989. Prior to his time at the Bank of England he chaired the Securities and Investments Board (precursor of the FSA) 1992-1997 and Deputy Chairman of Barclays Group from 1998-2002.When at Barclays, Sir Andrew was Chairman of Euroclear in Brussels. Concurrently he served on the Managing Director of the IMF’s Capital Markets Consultative Group 1999-2002, and chaired for the Group of 30 a global report into strengthening the global financial infrastructure for clearing and settlement. Sir Andrew chaired the Hedge Fund Working Group, that created the original standards and was the first Chairman Of the Standards Board for Alternative Investments (then known as Hedge Fund Standards Board).

Sir Andrew has a keen interest in education; he is the Chairman of the INSEAD Advisory Council and was a member of the INSEAD Board 1998-2010.